Long-Term Care

What an Average Day Looks Like

This is Saint Paul. This is Home.

Long-term rehabilitation residents at Saint Paul Health Center are actively engaged with their Therapy Services and Nursing Services every day.

A Typical Day for Long-Term Care Residents

  • You will be awakened at preferred time. Certified Nursing Assistants will provide morning care that is consistent with your personal care plan. Enjoy breakfast delivered to your room or in our sunny restaurant-style dining room.
  • A full schedule of activities is offered each day.
  • Restorative Therapy is offered up to 3 times a week to maintain each resident’s maximum independence.
  • Meals and snacks are always available.

Room Features

Of course, there is always time to retire to your room for relaxation.

  • Private and semi-private rooms
  • Free phone and Internet access
  • Comfortable bedding
  • Private bathrooms
  • Ample living space, closet/dresser space and furniture

Personal Items

We encourage our guests to bring your own personal items to make your stay even more like home:

  • Labeled, comfortable clothing (comfortable, slippers, shoes, robe)
  • Special personal toiletries
  • Ancillary devices (glasses, dentures, hearing aids)
  • Preferential snacks
  • Personal entertainment (iPods, laptops, books, puzzles, music)

Like a Fine Hotel

We make every effort to give our residents as much autonomy as possible and the same experiences you might enjoy at a high-end hotel. For example, you decide:

  • What time you want to start and end your day
  • What time you would like to eat your meals
  • What types of foods you will order each day
  • Where you prefer to have your meals: in your room or in our dining area
  • Where to relax
  • How you want to spend your free time: reading books from our library, participating in group activities, enjoying fresh air outdoors

If you or a loved one is in need of long-term rehabilitation, please contact Saint Paul Health Center today to arrange a tour of our community.


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